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Sister Jewel’s talk on nourishing and healing ourselves and the world

On Saturday 15th March at our weekly afternoon of mindfulness, we were delighted to have Sister Jewel, a monastic student of Thich Nhat Hanh and teacher, practice with us and offer a fun session of Interplay and a talk.

In this talk, Sister Jewel shares about the ecological crisis of our world – climate change through the perspective of the Buddha’s teachings on the Four Nutriments. One kind of nutriment is volition – what is it that is deeply motivating us in our lives? It is so important to investigate this, because if we don’t have a clear sense of where we are going, our volition can get easily hijacked by our society, a consumer driven society that sees humans as consumers. Consuming keeps our economic system functioning. We are being told that’s where our happiness is.

Sr. Jewel also mentions that she is working on setting up a global council of elders to address the issues facing our planet. If you are interested in supporting this idea, please get in touch and we will pass on your email address to Sr. Jewel.

You can listen or download the talk here.

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Peace Sounds album out now!

Peace Sounds is a music album recorded over the past five months by Wake Up London, as well as songs contributed by their wonderfully talented friends.

It is now available for streaming and downloading here.

We are raising funds for an upcoming event with Thich Nhat Hanh on March 31st 2012 in Trafalgar Square, Central London called ‘Sit in Peace’, an invitation to sit together in peace in the heart of the capital city.

Together, we bring to life an album that celebrates peace within us and around us, in the here and now.

“I got a little garden growing in my heart
sowing seeds of poetry, music and art
I’ve been cultivating peace with my family
This garden is growing with the whole community”

-Joe Reilly, singer and songwriter

Minimum donation: £7

All proceeds will go towards registered charity The Community of Interbeing UK, who are funding ‘Sit in Peace’ and the entire UK tour with Thich Nhat Hanh.

By supporting The Community of Interbeing UK, we will help them continue to promote and facilitate the practice of mindfulness in the UK, by hosting future talks and retreats, and supporting local practice groups.

Check out the official album website:

Mindful content from our community

Wake Up London is a community of individuals practicing together to promote peace and reconciliation within ourselves and for our planet. We’d love to highlight what’s happening within our community, and how the practice is positively impacting our society.