Non-residential mindfulness retreat for teachers, youth workers and all who work with young people.

From Saturday, 27 (8am) to Sunday, 28 October (5pm) 2012 (non-residential)
The American School in London, 1 Waverley Place, London NW8 0NP

The Educators Retreat is an opportunity to develop mindfulness both in ourselves and in our work with children and young people and to practice ways to cultivate mindfulness in educational contexts such as classrooms, college and universities, staffrooms and communities. We will explore the workings of our bodies and minds and learn how to use the power of silence, appreciation, self-care and compassion for others to increase clear and ethical thinking and action. During the retreat, we will share our lived experience of working with young people. We will also consider how we may use the techniques and practices of the retreat to help us form and sustain more mindful communities at school and at home.

This retreat is part of a wider long term initiative by Plum Village which is attempting to help school staff and students to develop mindfulness using Plum Village principles and practices. This initiative seeks to help teachers and other school staff to:

– develop a personal practice of mindfulness
– cultivate mindfulness in their students including the skilful use of classroom based activities materials based in the unique Plum Village – tradition
– build supportive schools and surrounding communities for teachers, parents and students.

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