Nearly a hundred people, friends and strangers, gathered together on Friday 21 September for our meditation flash mob near City Hall.

It was the first time it ever rained on us, but we continued to sit peacefully with each other.

After the meditation and soundbath, we preceeded to singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ to remember the powerful message of this song.

You can see the pictures here and a video will be published soon.

Here are some feedback from the event:

Imagine a symbol of flowers
Brought from near and far
Placed with loving kindness
Under the shadow or the shar d
Imagine finding stillness
As the rain drops fall
Breathing in I smell the incense
breathing out, I feel calm
The warmth of love surrounds us
The sound bath brings me peace
I open my eyes to the lights of London
And even brighter smiles
Imagine all the people
singing in the rain!
You may say i’m a dreamer
But I know i’m not alone,
Meditation will allow us to wake up
and the world will live as one.

– The Hub ChaChaCha

When you really hear the sound of rain
You can hear and see and feel
Everything in the same way –
As needing no translation, as being
Just what it is, though it may be
Impossible to say what.

– Sean Gainford

My first time at one. It was lovely even if it did rain. The atmosphere was so tranquil. I have never felt so at peace. Thankyou

– Teri Raymond

It was so great! Even under the rain..Thank you all for your love!

– Nathalie Dubreu

It was raining but because of the rain everyone was so relaxed, settled and undistracted. I loved the atmosphere and the energy was very peaceful. I loved the “Imagine” song at the end. Thank you to John Lennon and thank you to organisers. I’ve also met some lovely like-minded people. I am very grateful for all of that.

– Elina Vasilevska

We hope you can come to the next one on Saturday 20 October outside the National Gallery! Click here for the event invitation.

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