Public Displays of Positive Messages is Wake Up London’s latest project to expand positivity in our city. 

Last night, 25 people came together with their signs and happily held them up on Millennium Bridge. Some signs read “You are beautiful”, “Thank you for your smile”, “Be fearless, love fully” and ” You’re loved”. The accounts from participants were very positive: 

“Incredible experience – totally surpassed my expectations. Wonderful group and amazing reaction from passers-by to our messages along the Bridge. Thanks very much for organising 🙂 ” – Emma

“This was such a great turn out.. This world needs more love and this is the way forward to spreading that positive message to the world! Peace and love” – Shaima

“An absolutely fantastic experience. Surprised by how at ease I felt doing it and humbled by the friendliness of those I met. Thank you!” – Mark

“I would just like to thank everyone for sharing and shining their true essence. I feel so much more connected to my own as a result of the energy and love we were able to exchange. I’m filled (literally) with warmth and gratitude. Thank you all xx” – James

Below are a few pictures. More will be posted on our Facebook page this weekend. 

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