Plum Village January 24th 2012

Dear Friends

It is with great sorrow that the Plum Village community announces the death on Monday, January 23, of our beloved novice brother, Phap Kinh. Please send your loving energy to support him and us at this time, especially this coming Saturday, January 28. If you want to send him a message of love please e mail to brother Phap Huu in Up Hamlet

We will read for Phap Kinh and put in his coffin and will be cremate with him on Saturday 28th at 3 pm so he will hold you in his heart.

On Saturday at 1pm French time, we will gather around Phap Kinh’s body and close the coffin at the morgue; after that we will bring the coffin to the crematorium. When we have arrived at the crematorium, around 2pm, we will offer chanting, and at 3pm the cremation will begin.

Bowing to all the brothers and sisters of our fourfold Sangha in gratitude for your support,

Sister Chan Khong
(End of message)

You can read an article in Mindfulness Bell written by Brother Phap Kinh, or Brother Christopher here.

The Heart of London and Wake Up London Sanghas will be coming together on Saturday 28th at the Friends Meeting House to send our loving energies to Brother Phap Kinh, his family and friends, and all of the four fold Sangha.

(Email us at for any questions)

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  • Hannah S Wilder, True Good Heart
    10:11 PM, 31 January 2012

    Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha!

    Chien Thien Tam

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