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This time it’s global! Upcoming meditation flash mob in London

Join us in a global meditation flash mob co-ordinated with over 80 cities worldwide! The intention of the movement is to expose the world to meditation and expand positivity to every walk of life.

Come experience the power of collectively exuding peace and feel the impact we are having on our city by sitting together, silently radiating happiness and grace in all directions.

This is an event open to everyone, from every path, experienced or not. This is a movement that our entire world is creating together as one unified force to set the momentum for the future of our planet!

Now is the time to create the world we choose to live in!

Click here for the Facebook event invitation

When: Thursday 28th July 6:30pm to 7:10pm
Where: Potters Fields Park, next to City Hall, about ten minutes walk from London Bridge station and fifteen from Tower Hill. City Hall is the distinctive curved glass building which is home to the Mayor of London.

6:30pm to 7pm: Sitting meditation in Potter’s Field Park, in the space nearest to City Hall and the River Thames. Spread out across the park or the walkway, as you so wish.

You are welcome to go to the entire event or you can come for part of it. You can meditate the entire time, or you can chill and bask in the peace.

7pm to 7:10pm:
Optional sound bath: You can use any mantra or sound, for example, Om, Ah, Ong, Nah or any other sound that calls you personally. If you choose, move closer to one another, donate your physical presence, your positive energy, your voice. It’s also a lot of fun and just sounds awesome to everyone around.

7:10pm: End of sitting.

What to bring: Please feel free to bring your own cushion or stall for sitting meditation.

Bring Everyone! This is going to be a beautiful event that we will all remember!


“If you are a Buddhist, please come. If you are a Christian please
come. If you are Jewish, Muslim, or belong to or identify with any
other religions, creed, or peace organization, please come. If you are
white, brown, black, yellow, red or any other color, please come.

We shall learn together that wrong perceptions of self and others
are at the foundation of separation, fear, hate, and violence; and that
togetherness and collaboration is possible.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh


Our Goal:

1. To create an environment for people from all walks of life to come together in meditation.

2. To spread awareness of meditation to the public.

3. To come together as a community to send positive intentions out into the world.

4. To show that leading by example is the best way to lead. Simple acts can stimulate major paradigm shifts in thinking


Pictures from the last meditation flash mob in Covent Garden:

Pictures of meditation flash mob in Covent Garden 28/06/2011

A video of our meditation flash mob in Trafalgar Square: [youtube=]

Check out the Guardian article written about the Trafalgar Square flash mob:

You can visit to see all the other cities who are joining us!

Poster for distribution:

Get in touch wkuplondon AT to stay updated and to sign up for future flash mobs.


Let’s have fun!

Let’s meditate!

Let’s thrive!



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