A little email to say hello from plum village!

After a rather eventful few days (details of which may have to wait until our return, but involved torrential rain and a b&b; broken pedals, punctured tyres and bent wheels; my first hitch hiking experience; 1 out of use train station; and a 3 hour midnight cycle ride around Bordeaux..!) we arrived last night at 3am. We slept a couple of hours in the small meditation hall, then awoke at 5 this morning for morning meditation. So today, we are two pretty sleepy, but very happy villagers 🙂

It feels wonderful to be here. So beautiful, calm and peaceful, especially so at the moment. There were only 11 new arrivals this week, we are told during the summer there are around 350 each week. It feels very intimate.

Pure joy was the breakfast spread this morning. (With Ethan! 🙂 )

In 10 minutes we have walking meditation…

Speaking this morning to a new friend from Belgium. We were telling him about the London sangha – how wonderful it is. We are feeling so very appreciative of you all.

With love, bells, bicycles and peaceful steps,

Meg and Joe


st foy le grande

joe and friend

meg and joe

red leaves

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