We’re very happy to announce that Plum Village will be hosting our annual young people’s retreat again this Summer, in the Upper Hamlet, and this year it will be a full week long – starting on the afternoon of Monday August 22nd and finishing on the afternoon of Monday August 29th.

Registration is now open at:

Take a break from stress and busyness, and come and join us in the beautiful nature of South-Western France, where several hundred young monks, nuns, young men and young women will together create a joyful, refreshing and peaceful retreat. You will have the chance to learn and experience the arts of sitting meditation, deep total relaxation and walking meditation on our legendary paths through fields and forests. We will learn how to really be there for ourselves and for each other, and to really listen to our own hearts and to one another. We will live together simply, healthily and joyfully – with music, dance, sport, hikes and bonfires.

What more could we possibly want?

Facebook event invitation here:!/event.php?eid=213912305307233

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