Group - Snake2
Event: Music Meets Meditation Workshop with a Mindful Meal
When: Saturday 26th October 5.30pm to 10pm (after our regular Afternoon of Mindfulness)
Where: Friends Meeting House, 8 Hop Gardens, off St Martins Lane, London
Cost: Suggested donation of £3

Mindful Meal 5:30pm – 7pm

We will start the evening by enjoying a vegetarian meal together – please bring food to share. We will be aware of how we eat and also aware of the source of our food, aware of the knock-on effects our choices of consumption and production have. We would love for everyone to bring a sample of their home cooking if possible. Also where possible, we encourage you to bring local, seasonal produce, organic, foraged or freegan – reclaiming food autonomy!

There is a fridge available to keep your food if you will be attending the Afternoon of Mindfulness that day.

Music Meets Meditation Workshop 7pm to 10pm

Charlie Shuttler will be facilitating an exploration of where music, mindfulness and meditation meet. The first hour and a half will be in a workshop style. We will explore some sitting meditation, some games, listening to some recorded music, playing music together from the pulse of the heartbeat, some communal singing and exploring how the rhythm of our feet are also a dance and an instrument. We will also share a healing song together and listen to music lying down as a musical journey. Most of all, we will explore the commonalities of these and how their separation exists only in our minds. And just in case your wondering – the music will be varied, some gentle … and some hip-hop!

There will also space for people to share a song, a tune, a piece of poetry, a story, a dance or a joke, so please bring as many of those as you would like. We will also have speakers available so if anyone has a piece of music they would dearly love to share with the group then please bring that along as well.

Please email Charlie on to make sure you get space to share.

And please bring instruments, open hearts and buckets full of creative vibes to share! This evening is about creating a space for us all to explore together.

You are welcome to come for just the mindful meal or just the workshop. (We recommend both 😉

Eliott, Kieran and Zac - Musical Bottles

Some comments from previous participants:

– “Liberating … Loved the big jam at the end!! The trusting cancan line- loved all of it actually! … THANK YOU for being absolutely wicked, I feel new and inspired, free, you have awakened my soul and now all I want to do is skip & dance & sing 😀 ”

– “Workshop should be longer! Loved it!”

– “Really enjoyed the workshop, I hope I’ll try out some of the activities again! Thanks”

– ” I enjoyed the improvised part during and after the “walking home” song. It really reminded me how I feel more inspired when music is less rigid … The bottle workshop was really cool and totally inclusive … Thank you for your enthusiasm. Keep shining!”

About Charlie:

As a musician: Charlie is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and
composer. Charlie studied ethnomusicology at SOAS, which sparked a huge interest in African and African-diasporic music, with a particular interest in South African music. He is inspired by music from all over the world and is always with open to and discovering fresh sounds.

As a teacher: Charlie has taught privately part-time for the past 7 years, with two months teaching full time in South Africa. He holds an ATCL music teaching diploma and has had professional training in workshop facilitation. He has explored and practiced meditation in a formal way for the past 4 years.
However music has always been a meditative practice for him.

Earlier this year he was on two retreats with the plum village
community : “The Music We Are” with Wake Up at the EIAB in Germany and “The Heart of Creativity”, the first
meeting of The Mindful Artists Network.

Being greatly inspired by these two events, Charlie started to facilitate “Music Meets Meditation” workshops, combining some of his major interests and passions.
Charlie has held workshops at Cloud Cuckoo Land and the first Wake Up UK retreat. He will be holding future events and collaborations with the teams at The Music We Are, the Mindful Artists Network, Conscious Explorers and Magic Mondays at Passing Clouds.