The dharma is the teachings of love and understanding. The dharma is the teachings of the historical Buddha and his descendants in the form of discourses, the commentaries and precepts that show us the path leading to peace and deep insight, love and understanding. The dharma is all the elements in our world and in our consciousness that guide us on the path of liberation. The living dharma is contained in every corner of the universe. The floating cloud is silently preaching about freedom and the falling leaf is giving us a dharma talk on the practice of letting go. Every time you breathe mindfully, walk mindfully or look at another person with the eye of understanding and compassion, you are giving a silent dharma talk.

When listening to a dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh or another dharma teacher, let the words penetrate deeply into our consciousness like rain, watering the seeds of wisdom and compassion that are already there. Absorb the talk openly, like the earth receiving a refreshing spring rain. The talk might be just the condition our tree needs to flower and bear the fruits of understanding and love.

If our conscious mind is trying too hard to remember, to compare and to understand something, it becomes like the hardened earth; thus the dharma rain can not reach the depths of our mind easily. So let go and enjoy the rain. If we relax and enjoy listening during the talk, our concentration will arise naturally. We will be alert and attentive.

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