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Deep Relaxation is a wonderful chance to allow our bodies to rest.

When our body is at ease and relaxed, our mind will also be calm and at peace. We can relax while travelling in the bus or car, while washing the dishes at home, or even while sitting at the computer reading this text. We can also practice a deeper kind of relaxation while doing walking meditation, sitting in silence, or while lying down.

Practising Deep Relaxation as a community, led by an experienced practitioner, creates a wonderful energy of peace and harmony. It is a practice of totally letting go and returning back to take care of our body and mind. We use the breath as our anchor to help us. Our breath is also like a wave, gently rocking us into a deep peace. In this state of rest, our body and mind can release their burdens. A lot of healing happens just by letting go and sinking into this state of total relaxation. After practising Deep Relaxation, led by a sister or brother in the practice, we may use these techniques anytime we need to rest.

Everyone can practice Deep Relaxation – you just need to find ten, 15 or 20 minutes and a quiet place to lie down. Even a few minutes of deep relaxation can bring great relief and peace.

Practising both Mindful Movements and Deep Relaxation allows us to listen deeply to our bodies. We learn to be gentle with ourselves and to give ourselves space to understand and to grow. Practising in this way, our body becomes our friend and not a burden on our practice. Compassion towards ourselves will penetrate into our interactions with others. How we walk, move, sit, stand, and hold our body are reflections of our states of mind. When we move with ease others around us will also feel light and relaxed in our presence.

Deep Relaxation led by Sister Chan Kong
Deep Relaxation by Sister Chau Nghiem
Deep Relaxation by Sister Dan Nghiem 

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