You are invited to share your thoughts about your experiences of meditation flash mobs here.

Karen, after meditation flash mob at British Museum, January 20th 2012:

What a beautiful experience of the amplifying power of meditation in a group. About 10 minutes in, I felt the energy of the collective begin to merge, as violet light immersed us and opened up a channel to Source, then Divine peace and bliss poured down. I was effortlessly held in an energy of bliss for the rest of the meditation. I hope everyone else felt it too – what a blessing these flash mobs are, and I sincerely hope they grow even bigger as more and more people wake up. Loving blessings and gratitude to everyone x

Jayne Thorpe, after the meditation flash mob on the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral, October 27th 2011, during Occupy London demonstration:

A man found me in the crowd when the speaking started and said ‘this is the birth of a world war. A civilian world war. Now the violence has started we must use violence against them. They want to annihilate us so we must do the same to them. We are billions. I know where I place my bets.’ He said this with eagerness, anger and passion.

I backed off after offering thoughts to him that Gandhi is still considered on of the most powerful changemakers of recent times.

My thoughts are this is a rise in extremes. As great the ground swell for violence there must be an equal rise in light, love and calm. We may not be political but by dint of necessity we will be called upon as first aid for hearts and minds. The red cross – the light bearers- of our times. Everyone involved in this is going to have to make a decision if they are prepared to bear those torches of light now. I, for one, am

Blessings and love to all. I am proud to be here

Credit Julien Rath