Update: We are really grateful for your support and interest in the Wake Up in Motion! sessions. Unfortunately, these sessions will not be continuing after June 2014 due to the anticipation of low number of attendees over the summer. We hope to resume these again later in the year.


First Wednesday of every month from 5th February 2014
Evenings dedicated to exploring well-being and movement arts.
Elizabeth Fry Room, Westminster Quaker Meeting House, 8 Hop Gardens, off St. Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4EA

Feel free to arrive from 7.40pm to settle in and have a cup a tea. This event is open to all those who have attended a Wake Up London afternoon of mindfulness.

These events are run by volunteers. We request a small donation of around £3-£5 to cover the rent of the room. No need to book – just turn up.

For email inquiries: info@wakeuplondon.org

Next events

Restorative heart-opening yoga session
Wednesday 4th June 2014, 8pm to 9.30pm
Led by: Jo Lesak

JoDuring this Wake Up in Motion evening, we will practise a gentle restorative session in the IYENGAR yoga tradition.
IYENGAR is known for its attention to alignment and the use of props. One of the benefits of using props is to allow opening in parts of the body where it would otherwise be difficult. One such area is the thoracic spine. Using props, such as cushions, we will practise gentle resting poses allowing the back ribs to spread, the thoracic spine to be supported and the chest to open. The yoga class will consist of sitting, chanting OM (optional), a series of supine (reclined) poses, forward bends, and relaxation. This yoga class is suitable for all levels, beginners welcome. Facilitated by Jo, a certified IYENGAR yoga teacher and has many years experience teaching.
Please wear comfortable clothes to move in. Avoid eating a large meal close to arriving. A light meal or snack at least one hour before class is advisable. Please arrive from 7.40pm onwards in time to settle in (and, if you would like, enjoy a cup of tea) before an 8pm start. The evening runs until 9.30pm.
Feedback from events

“Guided skilfully and supportively through a series of nurturing, gently invigorating and fun exercises and activities, each encouraging us be more attuned to our body and with each other. I particularly enjoyed the sequence of movements freeing us to be creative and expressive, reacquainting me with the playful, spontaneous elements of my inner child. Looking forward to peeling off further layers of calcified inhibition of adulthood in the coming weeks!”

“I really enjoyed the movement evening!! i was feeling a bit apprehensive first but then once we all start to open up and enjoy the moment it was really nice and liberating.  It was nice to feel connect with our body, mind, spirit and people  i felt rejuvenated after the class, looking forward for the next one!!! thank you Tom for sharing with us your gift.”