Joyfully together in Kensington Gardens – NOW POSTPONED UNTIL 24TH AUGUST 


After the success of sangha events at Kensington Gardens in previous years, Heart of London sangha plans one on SUNDAY 17 AUGUST.

Creating together an oasis of mindfulness, peace and joy, while being supported by the earth, sky, clouds, trees and grasses, is very nourishing.

Before lunch we’ll practise walking and sitting meditation, mindful movements, chanting and sharing, after lunch there will be time to relax, socialise and play.

We meet at 10.30 in KENSINGTON GARDENS on the lawn by the BLACK LION GATE, which is almost opposite QUEENSWAY tube station (Central Line). There is also a bus stop on Bayswater Rd near this gate. The toilets are by the gate, with the entrance from the street.

Our picnic place is 5 min away (slow walking). If you, or your family/friends are joining us later, the way to get there is to take a diagonal path starting from the park’s corner by the gate and walk until the crossing with the second diagonal path. We’ll be there on the left, by the big tree, or nearby (if this spot is already taken).


See Google map.

If you can’t find us, text Zofia (email to get number)

Please bring: SOMETHING TO SIT ON, DRINKS and CUPS for yourself AND FOOD IN A READY TO SHARE FORM. We will provide paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery.

Also, please bring OUTDOOR GAMES, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, and anything else that can help us to enjoy the afternoon there. Friends, family members, children and well-behaved dogs are very welcome to join us at 1pm for picnic lunch and afternoon jollities.

If you have any questions regarding this event please email Zofia at:

IMPORTANT: check your email on Saturday 16 August because if it’s going to rain we’ll have to cancel.