Poem by Esteban


11213 by Megan

Here is what I know for sure –
My heart is strong. My love is pure.
My life is short. My hope is real.
My memories are close. They deal
In joy and pain and love and tears,
As days turn weeks turn months turn years,
And just as much the long unknown
Can make me feel at once alone
And loved beyond my wildest thoughts,
Which push and pull and twist in knots
Undone, and done, as once, and one,
As rain clears clouds clears way to sun,
And life swims on, and we, like boats,
Manned my sleepy sailors float.
My engine sleeps. My sail is high.
I know not what will keep me by,
But this I know; I know for sure –
My heart is strong. My love is pure.
As on this path, with peace, I go,
What else have I a need to know?

Two poems by Doran

Just One Drop

Just one drop of this compassionate water is enough.
That tender feeling,
Of your mother waking you in the morning, with a smile.
Of your lover, skin warm and soft next to yours.
Of your friend, gentle and kind eyes that pierce through your armour,
To that barren and hostile place
Which is cold and where no sun shines.
Where the winds are harsh and biting,
And you thought you could not walk.
Where the air is putrid and choking,
And you thought you could not breathe.
Where the ground is thorny and cuts your skin,
And you thought you could not sit.

Just their tender look,
Just your tender heart,
Just one drop of this compassionate water,
And you realise,
That in this barren land,
Spring can come again.


Eating this blackberry
I give thanks to those who
Across countless generations
Have learnt and perfected
The art of making the soil fertile
Of tending to the blackberry bush
Of storing the blackberry, fresh
And transporting it to me
For me to enjoy
And to nourish my body

This simple act of eating
Sustains me day by day
I see the sunshine, the rain,
The blackberry grower, the lorry driver,
All those who have given their attention
To understanding how to bring food
To all our plates

I bow deeply in gratitude
To those who have made it possible
For our bellies to be filled
And our hearts to be at ease
Giving us the nutriments
That sustain our existence
In this very moment

Music and art by Joe Holtaway

I write music and make films.
These two I feel have very much been informed and influenced
by the beautiful words and teachings of Buddhism, nature and love.

Go Flowers / Film for Melodian Song by Joe Holtaway

Wings.eyes.tail by Joe Holtaway