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Upcoming Afternoon of Mindfulness + Festive Evening + Meditation Flash Mob

You are invited to go within.

Our next fortnightly Afternoon of Mindfulness is on Saturday 8th December, at our usual time from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM at our usual venue. We will practice various mindfulness practices in the tradition of our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, or Thay, as he is affectionately known.

After the session, we invite you to a festive mindful meal. It will be a wonderful opportunity to spend some informal time with one another before many of us depart for our holidays. You are welcome to bring a vegetarian dish to share with us. Feel free to bring musical instruments and games too.

We will also be taking part in Amnesty International’s greeting card campaign, where we will be writing a message of support to prisoners of conscience. You can bring along some prepared cards, or we can make cards on the night.

Join us for the final meditation flash mob of the year in the magnificent Great Court of the British Museum, from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. In the spirit of the festive season, we invite you to bring a handmade gift to give to a stranger or friend afterwards.

Click here for the Facebook invitation

MeditationMindfulnessWake Up London

Day of Mindfulness with Zen teacher Edward Espe Brown

****** bookings now full – registration is closed *************

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce an upcoming Day of Mindfulness with Zen teacher Edward Espe Brown on 5th May, organized by Heart of London and Wake Up London sanghas. Please register as soon as possible to book your place.

This is a a rare opportunity to experience a Day of Mindfulness with this inspirational teacher (who is also well known for being really funny too). Day will consist of guided sitting meditation, walking meditation, dharma teaching, Qi gong and mindful eating. Exact schedule not confirmed yet.

When: Saturday 5th May 2012, 09:30am to 5pm
Where: Friends Meeting House, 52 St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4EA (entrance at 8 Hop Gardens)
Nearest tube and overground: Leicester Sq and Charing Cross
Cost: £10 or £7 for student/unwaged – you can pay on the door.
For: All ages, experienced meditation pracitiotioners, beginners, curious people

Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share. Weather permitting, we will have a picnic in St. James Park, then return to the Friends Meeting House for the session in the afternoon.


Register your place by sending an email to


Edward Espe Brown is a Soto Zen Buddhist priest, teacher and chef.

Edward was ordained as a Zen Priest by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in 1971 and has been practicing in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition of Suzuki Roshi since 1965. He has however developed an eclectic practice over the years, with extensive Vipassana training, many years practising Yoga and Chi Gung, and has taken a number of retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh in the USA, as well as visiting Plum Village during the 1990s.

Edward wrote the famous Tassajara Bread Book in the early 70s, co-founded Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, and a documentary film was recently made about him called How To Cook Your Life. He currently teaches at Tassajara Zen Center, Green Gulch Farm, and Spirit Rock, as well as heading his own Sangha in Marin County.

Watch trailer for How To Cook Your Life

His website and bio is available here.


Edward will be visiting the UK as a Guest Speaker at The Do Lectures in Wales during the last week of April.

He will then be in London from April 29th to May 7th:

April 29th – Day retreat with London Insight

May 2nd – Talk at The Buddhist Society in London

May 3rd – The International Zen Association in London

(May 5th – Day of Mindfulness with us)

May 6th – Workshop with Alternatives at St. James Church

We look forward to spending the day with you!

MeditationMindfulnessWake Up London

Another wonderful meditation flash mob last night

Dear friends,

Thanks so much to those who attended yesterday evening’s flash mob. It was lovely, as ever, and I’m so happy to see the community growing so beautifully and organically with these public meditation gatherings. So many of us were from different paths and different faiths, or or none, yet we came together as a single community. What is it that binds us together like this?

Also a warm thank you to the sound healers, Amy, Paolo, Mary, Sandira, Marcin, Bea and David (and others I’m not aware of) for bring your wonderful sounds at the end of the sitting.

I wanted to share with the wonderful photos on our Facebook page.

Please check out today’s Evening Standard on page 21 – our event has been featured!

And also we were featured as TimeOut London’s top 5 events of the week!

How wonderful to be getting this much coverage!

We’ll be posting future meditation flash mobs via our Facebook page Wake Up London. You can also join the Meetup group to ensure you get invitations direct to your email, as Facebook doesn’t have that function via a page.

In May, we have some different events planned…

like meditation flash mob through Oxford Street..

And also another event which will involve holding signs displaying positive affirmations to the public, to remind passersby to reconnect to their innate goodness and beauty. We will announce that soon!

Thank you for being there!

Much love
on behalf of Wake Up London

Be the change!

MeditationMindfulnessPlum VillageThich Nhat HanhWake Up London

Sit in Peace – a great success

On the afternoon of Saturday 31st March, the entire space in Trafalgar Square filled up with people sitting in meditation, in the presence of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and his monastic students.

The event, organized by Wake Up London, gathered thousands of people together, to sit in peace while Thay (affectionate name for Thich Nhat Hanh, meaning teacher in Vietnamese) guided us in meditation and offered a moving talk on the four mantras to practice with your loved ones. The teachings are featured in his book “True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart”:

Darling, I am here for you.
I know you are there, and I am very happy.
Darling, I know you are suffering. That is why I am here for you.
Darling, I am suffering. Please help.

In the last twenty minutes, the monastics offered the public the chanting of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, who represents the awakened capacity for understanding and compassion in all of us.

You can view all the pictures here.

Some people’s experiences of the day:

“Yesterday about 4,000 people came to trafalgar square to sit in peace. London had high energy with switching the lights off and dyke marches. I can not express how powerful and moving this was. As it got closer to the time all sitting around everyone became silent, complete silence with sirens going on around. Stillness came and I have never felt so much unity and love. The first few minutes I cried as I felt such a relief there was so many others that also believe in peace, want it. In the middle of the city it was as if it all just fell away, nothing was important and we were there strong like mountains. I will not stop believing. And love you all” – Joie de Winter

“It was a beautiful time, not to be forgotten.” – Pen Wilson

“So moving, so wonderful to see this great man in person for the first time, so privileged to have been taught by him today…I was moved to tears when the monks & nuns sang the beautiful “Namo Avolekiteshvara” and it filled Trafalgar Square..
It has helped me so much..” – Shaun Lynch

“The experience is still resonating within me this morning.. Thank you each and every one of youu all and Thich Nhat Hanh, Wake Up London and Sit in Peace…” – Casi Ahn

“Sit in Peace in Trafalgar Square with Thich Nhat Hanh was an amazing event. Very beautiful, peaceful and powerful – I’m feeling very grateful to have gone” – Shay Allie

“Amazing event with a very special person. Thank you very much for unforgettable experience.” – Yasemin Bol

You can read more comments on the Facebook event page here.

An official film will be released soon! But here are a few videos from attendees on Youtube:






Thank you to everyone who made this event possible and to those who came to offer true peace to the city of London.

MeditationMindfulnessPlum VillageThich Nhat HanhWake Up London

Sit in Peace in Trafalgar Square with Thich Nhat Hanh

Imagine the energy of thousands of people gathered together meditating on the open grounds of Trafalgar Square with one of the most influential people of our time.

Zen Master, author, poet and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh will guide a sitting meditation on Saturday 31 March in Trafalgar Square from 2.30pm.

This is a free event and everyone is warmly invited to join in this celebration of peace within us and around us.

Sitting meditation is one of the ways to contemplate peace. We invite you to sit together in silence, generating the energy of peace, solidity, and freedom.

You may like to bring something to sit on (it may be a good idea for this to be waterproof). You are welcome to sit on the benches and steps in Trafalgar Square.

This event is open to everyone, all ages, from every path, experienced or not.

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

RSVP to Facebook event invitation here.

RSVP to MeetUp event invitation here.

How to get to Trafalgar Square, see here

We are inviting everyone around the world to sit in peace with us. Check back later for the cities joining us on 31st March 2012. Email us if you would like to organise an event in your city!

Watch a clip of June 2011’s meditation flash mob in Trafalgar Square


Check out the rest of Thich Nhat Hanh’s 2012 tour in the UK here, including a public talk at Royal Festival Hall and a 5 day retreat at Nottingham University here.

Check out Thich Nhat Hanh’s Facebook page here.

MeditationWake Up London

Let us share the vision and make it possible…

Brothers and sisters,
the beautiful Earth is us.
Breathing together in the same rhythm
we restore our calm, our peace.
Let us accept ourselves
so we may accept one another.
Let us share the vision and make it possible
for Great Love to arise.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear friends,

We hope you’re all well and enjoying the warm hues of Autumn.

On Thursday 27th October, we held a meditation flash mob on the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral, nearby the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp. A couple hundred of people sat together in stillness, including those from the camp. It was clear that our collective presence was bring so much positive energy to the environment. Check out the pictures and video. Images of our meditation flash mob were also featured in the Guardian website and on the front cover of Saturday’s Independant, as well as being the backdrop of a news report on BBC News at Ten on Thursday evening!

It was so great, it was decided that another gathering will be held on Thursday 10th November from 18:30 to 19:00. Click here for the event invitation if you haven’t already RSVP’d. Please keep an eye on the Facebook event for any time changes. We hope you can come again!


We are very happy to announce another meditation flash mob is going to be held at the Victoria and Albert museum on Saturday 19th November from 15:00 to 15:40, in the Raphael room. Check out the Facebook event details. This will be the first flash mob held indoors! It will be also lovely to explore the museum afterwards too.

Hope to see you all there!

Much love

MeditationMindfulnessWake Up London

This time it’s global! Upcoming meditation flash mob in London

Join us in a global meditation flash mob co-ordinated with over 80 cities worldwide! The intention of the movement is to expose the world to meditation and expand positivity to every walk of life.

Come experience the power of collectively exuding peace and feel the impact we are having on our city by sitting together, silently radiating happiness and grace in all directions.

This is an event open to everyone, from every path, experienced or not. This is a movement that our entire world is creating together as one unified force to set the momentum for the future of our planet!

Now is the time to create the world we choose to live in!

Click here for the Facebook event invitation

When: Thursday 28th July 6:30pm to 7:10pm
Where: Potters Fields Park, next to City Hall, about ten minutes walk from London Bridge station and fifteen from Tower Hill. City Hall is the distinctive curved glass building which is home to the Mayor of London.

6:30pm to 7pm: Sitting meditation in Potter’s Field Park, in the space nearest to City Hall and the River Thames. Spread out across the park or the walkway, as you so wish.

You are welcome to go to the entire event or you can come for part of it. You can meditate the entire time, or you can chill and bask in the peace.

7pm to 7:10pm:
Optional sound bath: You can use any mantra or sound, for example, Om, Ah, Ong, Nah or any other sound that calls you personally. If you choose, move closer to one another, donate your physical presence, your positive energy, your voice. It’s also a lot of fun and just sounds awesome to everyone around.

7:10pm: End of sitting.

What to bring: Please feel free to bring your own cushion or stall for sitting meditation.

Bring Everyone! This is going to be a beautiful event that we will all remember!


“If you are a Buddhist, please come. If you are a Christian please
come. If you are Jewish, Muslim, or belong to or identify with any
other religions, creed, or peace organization, please come. If you are
white, brown, black, yellow, red or any other color, please come.

We shall learn together that wrong perceptions of self and others
are at the foundation of separation, fear, hate, and violence; and that
togetherness and collaboration is possible.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh


Our Goal:

1. To create an environment for people from all walks of life to come together in meditation.

2. To spread awareness of meditation to the public.

3. To come together as a community to send positive intentions out into the world.

4. To show that leading by example is the best way to lead. Simple acts can stimulate major paradigm shifts in thinking


Pictures from the last meditation flash mob in Covent Garden:

Pictures of meditation flash mob in Covent Garden 28/06/2011

A video of our meditation flash mob in Trafalgar Square: [youtube=]

Check out the Guardian article written about the Trafalgar Square flash mob:

You can visit to see all the other cities who are joining us!

Poster for distribution:

Get in touch wkuplondon AT to stay updated and to sign up for future flash mobs.


Let’s have fun!

Let’s meditate!

Let’s thrive!



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