The Wake Up London Caretaking Team looks after the practice, finances, practicalities and well-being of the Community.

We meet monthly to discuss all things Sangha. If you have a question, idea or concern to share with the Caretaking Team, please email

We welcome all mails. 🙂

Your current Caretaking Team is made up of facilitators Ashley, Dave, Gabi, Twan and Steven.




Wake Up London’s “Elders” are former Caretaking Team members, or long-term practitioners, who still practice with the Community on a regular basis and are willing to be called upon for counsel, advice or support by the Caretaking Team or (members of) the Community.

Current Wake Up London Elders are Joe, Lizhuo and Noah.


When guidance or support from outside the immediate Sangha is preferred, Wake Up London and its members may call upon friends established within the practice, including from Heart of London, Plum Village UK, or practicing in Plum Village, France.